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HR Work Cycles focuses on minimizing your risk, streamlining your HR processes and providing centralized, secure, and fast access to employee information.

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  • On-Boarding

    Our Employee On-Boarding service assists businesses in their new hire process. By replacing traditional paper methods, HR Work Cycles can help streamline the hiring process, reduce errors in data entry, and minimize costs incurred in existing work flow processes.

    HR Work Cycles can help you customize the Employee On-Boarding application process to meet the needs of your company as well as work with you to provide additional services that will help to ensure your compliance and minimize your risk.

  • Tax Credits

    HR Work Cycles offers Federal and State Tax Credit implementation for your company. We have developed our own internal technology systems to ensure proper implementation of each of our client's credit opportunities.

    Our technology system allows our clients to electronically capture tax credit data during the hiring process. It also has the ability to track credits throughout the verification process while screening for any additional tax credits that may be relevant to each client.

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    If you would like to outsource your On-Boarding Process to HR Work Cycles, let us know. Click on the Contact link below for more information or call us at (866) 612-8474.